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The need for change
15 long years of Labor and Greens
They’ve become tired …
smug … arrogant …‚Äč
Canberra needs honest & open government

The aim of this political party is simple - to strive for a less rigid form of parliamentary democracy in the ACT where independent thinking by community minded representatives, and proper community consultation, is encouraged and respected.

A serious look at the ACT's budget problems

Read how  a greedy government has priced so many people out of the housing market

And "hides" Canberra's worst roads

Canberra Community Voters  want a truly transparent and evidence based system of government in the ACT that puts an end to secret dealings in government and particularly in land development.
And we will be transparent about what money we receive and what money we spend. We make donations and loans received available for public inspection HERE along with a summary of what we spend money on.

Not a traditional party - an alliance of independent thinkers

You will find details of our candidates HERE and news and views about election issues in our NEWS section.


Community Voices

A different kind of political party

Canberra Community Voters is a different kind of political party. Its members are not bound by rigid party discipline. They are encouraged to think and speak for themselves.

To be true independents representing their community - united in the belief that Canberra needs honest, open and evidence based government.

An independent voice

Any of our members elected to the Legislative Assembly will not be joining either of the major parties in a cosy embrace like the Greens rushed into with Labor.

Whether Liberal or Labor forms government our aim wil be the same - to end secret back-door dealings by the usual supects. We will champion the public's right to know.

Contact Us

You can contact our convener Richard Farmer at 0450 735918

6 Lads Place, Dunlop ACT 2615

Authorised by Richard Farmer on behalf of Canberra Community Voters