Our objectives

Here at Canberra Community Voters, we're all about supporting the election of candidates into the ACT Legislative Assembly.

We strive to support independent community thinking, consultation and a flexible form of ACT parliamentary democracy. We encourage you to have your say and respect the thoughts put forward by our community. 

We promote transparency in the ACT government - meaning that what you see is what you get - putting an end to the secret dealings of government and land development action.

We endeavour to establish an independent commission that investigates and puts a stop to corruption within our government - ensuring the principles of good governance, commitment to honesty, openness and transparency are upheld. 

We believe that you have the right to know what decisions are being made by your government. As such, we aim to contest any government decision that limits the release of information to the public on the grounds of 'commercial in confidence'.

Our candidates

We are offering candidates with independent views from both the left and right of the political spectrum who are united in the belief that there needs to be a check on the major Labor, Liberal and Greens parties.

You will find details of our candidates HERE


Contact Us

You can contact our convener Richard Farmer at 0450 735918

6 Lads Place, Dunlop ACT 2615

Authorised by Richard Farmer on behalf of Canberra Community Voters