Alan Tutt

Meet Alan Tutt Independent Candidate for Ginninderra

Alan Tutt was born in Canberra and went to school at Ainslie Primary and Dickson High.

After leaving school he undertook a trades qualification at the Canberra Institute of Technology and obtained a certificate as a Boiler Maker/Welder. He married in Canberra and has a wife and two children.

Sport and involvement and support for local sporting activities has played a major part in Alan’s life. He played as a rover in three premierships for the Ainslie AFL club and was an ACT representative player. He left Canberra in 1981 to play for St Kilda in Melbourne for two years and was offered a contract to play for the South Australian Panthers for a further two years

Community, sport and family life have been central concerns for Alan since he returned to Canberra to join the public service in 1985. He worked in several departments including Defence and Industry and Commerce in the areas of Personnel Relations and Ministerial Liaison for a decade, until he decided to leave the public service to establish his own businesses.

Alan has had a retail business in the Hawker Shopping Centre, servicing the whole of the Canberra region, for more than 20 years. He has a passion for community activities and was an active member for community action in Hawker when the government, out of the blue, put a sign up in the carpark notifying its redevelopment into dense, high rise apartments and new commercial premises. This “land grab” decision was made without consultation and without any consideration of the huge damage it would cause to the local community and existing traders. Alan was a major player in the community’s successful resistance to what was perceived as an insensitive secret deal initiated by a Government with little appreciation of the effects of such poor development decisions onlocal communities.

Alan’s passion for sport is also his business as his manufacturing and retail activities involve providing equipment clothing and accessories for sporting activities. He is well-known around Canberra’s sporting circles and clubs as a sponsor and provider of this equipment and his support for a wide range of sports across the ACT.

Entering politics was not on Alan’s agenda until the day that Chief Minister Andrew Barr decided on a whim, while thousands of miles away from Canberra in New Zealand, to close down the 37 year old ACT greyhound racing industry within minutes of a Liberal Premier of NSW deciding to do so in his state. Decision making on the run without any consultation and without even reading the report the NSW Premier relied on is the absolute opposite of making decisions based on a considered evaluation of the evidence.

Alan does not want other communities to continue to go through the sort of insensitive, arrogant, ill-considered decision making which the Hawker community went through and which he is seeing increasingly happening all over Canberra.

Alan has a passion for Canberra and is contesting the election as an Independent for Ginninderra and supports the voter-sensitive policies of Canberra Community Voters.

These are:

 We want our ACT government to make fully planned evidence-based decisions.

 We want an open and transparent ACT government, able to make decisions only after proper

 community consultation

 We want an effective freedom of information policy.

 We want an anti- corruption and pro-integrity commission.

These policies affect the foundation of our Government. They ensure a better government. They help build a better community.

We all want a better community. We all want a better voice.

Use your voice to vote for Alan Tutt, Independent for Ginninderra

Use your voice to oppose big parties and big party policies.

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