Geoff Kettle

Meet Geoff Kettle


Independent Candidate for Ginninderra

Geoff Kettle was brought up in the Canberra Goulburn area and attended St Patricks College. For most of his working life he has lived and worked in Canberra or the local region. Geoff’s earlier career was in banking and later in the finance and insurance industries. For a short period he trained and worked in the Australian Police Force (AFP) but returned to the finance and financial brokerage industry in Canberra.

In 1999 he returned to Marulan to look after his aging parents and took over the Marulan Newsagency and General store until he was encouraged to take the position of media and policy adviser to Alby Schultz, the Federal Member for Hume. He worked for this feisty and effective member of the Federal Parliament for a number of years up to 2011. He was elected to the Goulburn Mulwaree Council in June 2009 and became Mayor in September 2010.

In April 2011 he resigned his position in the office of the local Federal Member to work full time as Mayor when this became a full time position. At this time Goulburn was facing a range of major financial, infrastructure and environmental problems requiring strong and perceptive management.

These problems included the need for the installation of a new sewer treatment plant.

The construction of a new pipeline from the Wingecarribee Reservoir to provide water to Goulburn which had been in the grip of a crippling drought. He also lobbied for, procured funding and oversighted the completion of a number of other projects in the areas of health (a new Hospital), arts and sporting facilities.

Geoff retired after seven years as a councillor and nearly six as Mayor with the satisfaction of knowing that Goulburn was well on the way to future sustainable growth and expanding employment opportunities. He resigned in September 2016 and moved back to Canberra following his decision not to re-contest for the Goulburn Mulwaree Council.

Geoffrey has been and still remains a member of many community bodies and he brings wide experience in fostering and developing communities. He has two adult daughters, an adult stepdaughter and six grandchildren. He also has a keen interest in rugby league, golf and thorough bred horse racing

Geoff has proven credibility and expertise across diverse areas of Government including strategic planning; implementing and managing major infrastructure developments; managing inclusive community consultations; media; negotiations and stakeholder engagement. He has successfully worked at the most senior levels of government with ministers, opposition shadow ministers, and heads of government departments, agencies and local government.

He is recognised for swift action, community sensitivity, effective evidence-based decision-making and the ability to deliver results. Geoff has a passion for Canberra and is contesting the election as an Independent for Ginninderra and supports the voter-sensitive policies of Canberra Community Voters.

These are:

 We want our ACT government to make fully planned evidence-based


 We want an open and transparent ACT government, able to make decisions only after proper

 community consultation

 We want an effective freedom of information policy.

 We want an anti- corruption and pro-integrity commission.

These policies affect the foundation of our Government. They ensure a better government. They help build a better community.

We all want a better community. We all want a better voice.

Use your voice to vote for Geoff Kettle, Independent for Ginninderra

Use your voice to oppose big parties and big party policies.

Authorised by Richard Farmer for Canberra Community Voters

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