Lucinda Spier

Meet Lucinda Spier - Independent Candidate for Kurrajong

Lucinda has lived in Inner Canberra for 42 years. In Deakin and then in Campbell for the last three years. She is very much attuned to Inner Canberra issues, such as development issues and rates. Lucinda has three grown up children and two grandchildren, most of whom live in Canberra.

She has tertiary qualifications in Languages (Japanese) and law.

Lucinda has had a passion about rates for many years. She formed the Canberra Rates Association in the early 1990’s and continued that passion into politics. In 1994 Lucinda stood as a Liberal Candidate in the local ACT election and in 2001 formed her own party, Canberra First, for the 2001 ACT Election. In both elections one of her main platforms was the issue of rates. As early as 1994 she forecast what we now face in rates, constant rates increases and rates have become simply another tax. It is a tax because those who have to pay it are sitting ducks and cannot escape, unless they sell and then rent or leave Canberra.

Lucinda worked in the Public Service for a number of years, in Defence, ACCC and the Attorney Generals Department. She later moved to the private sector and worked in real estate. lucinda is currently part of her husband’s micro business, a Canberra legal practice specialising in competition and consumer law.

In this 2016 election, in addition to rates, Lucinda has concerns about open and accountable Government, ACTION’s continual losses and the long waiting lists for public housing.

Lucinda wants to enshrine into ACT law a proper transparency and accountability regime, predictability on rates and better use and management of ACT assets such as buses and public housing.

On government transparency,

  •  Force government to disclose all information relating to its decisions
  •  Establish an ICAC with full investigative powers
  •  Political advertising to be subject to misleading and deceptive conduct written into LAW
  •  Strict, low limits on political donations and full disclosure of donations
  •  All senior ACT government appointments to be advertised and accompanied by a transparent selection process.

On fairness to ratepayers,

  •  Freeze rates for 2 years
  •  After that cap rates in line with CPI and set that increase in LAW bringing them in line with NSW.
  •  A good comparison with Canberra rate increases is NSW where last year it was 1.8% while ours was 7%. Barr lamented this piddling 7% as it was less that his usual 10% due to the election.
  •  Bulky waste collection to be for all Canberra households not the discriminatory restrictive policy of the Barr-Rattenbury Government.

Lucinda loves dogs and currently has 3 King Charles Cavaliers, she has in the past been a registered breeder of Cavaliers. Lucinda has a passion for Canberra and is contesting the election as an Independent for Kurrajong. She supports the voter-sensitive policies of Canberra Community Voters which include government making fully planned evidence-based decisions; open and transparent ACT government; proper community consultation; an effective freedom of information policy and an ICAC, as these policies will help build a better community.

We all want a better community. We all want a better voice.

Use your voice to vote for Lucinda Spier, Independent for Kurrajong.

Some policy thoughts of Lucinda’s

A pox on both their houses - Canberra’s rate rises

Eliminating the public housing waiting list

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