Mike Hettinger

Independent Candidate for Kurrajong

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make a worthwhile contribution to the way Canberra is governed but Mike Hettinger actually is one. Mike migrated from the US nearly 25 years ago. He has been a resident in Canberra since 1991. He stood for the Labor Party in the 2004 and 2008 ACT elections, winning most votes of non-incumbents.

Mike lives in O’Connor with his wife Donna and daughter Phoebe, who attends nearby O’Connor Cooperative School.

Mike has had a long history of community action and is modestly proud of his efforts to help save Dickson College during the period when the ACT government, with Andrew Barr as Education Minister, foolishly and against strong community objection, shut down about 23 suburban schools.

For a number of years Mike has been the Chair of the North Canberra Community Council which has been very active in protecting the wellbeing of North Canberra residents and he is a member of his local Community Fire Unit.

During his time on the North Canberra Community Council he has been involved in many other community advocacy issues. In the early 2000s there were three infrastructure options for Gungahlin (GDE, Majura Parkway and light rail) and one of the consequences was likely to have been the destruction of the O’Connor Ridge. The community campaign for the saving of the Ridge was gruelling but also successful.  The Government at the time chose the GDE and Majura Parkway instead of the Ridge route or light rail.

The current decision by the Barr/Greens government to choose the previously rejected light rail option as a sort of tram option makes less sense than it did in the early 2000s.

Mike is running because he firmly believes in the need for transparent and accountable government.  Mike is very conscious of a list of governance, planning and community consultation issues in the ACT and he feels that the best way to deal with these problems is by being in the Assembly itself.  He says that there is only so far you can go with community groups, the necessary changes must come from a change of government.

Examples of the governance problems that Mike has raised is the issue of exempt developments, where, contrary to what was promised in 2007, knockdown-rebuilds now require no DAs, certification is private, and neighbours have no say and shambolic planning, the inevitable trashing of the Northbourne corridor by the tram construction, dramatic increases in rates and uncontrolled and inadequately consulted major developments.

Mike has a passion for Canberra and chose not to run for Labor again because the party would hogtie him to the incumbents, as it did in the past. He is contesting the election as an Independent for Kurrajong and supports the voter-sensitive policies of Canberra Community Voters.

These are:

 We want our ACT government to make fully planned evidence-based decisions.

 We want an open and transparent ACT government, able to make decisions only after proper community consultation

 We want an effective freedom of information policy.

 We want an anti- corruption and pro-integrity commission.

These policies affect the foundation of our Government. They ensure a better government. They help build a better community.

We all want a better community. We all want a better voice.

Use your voice to vote for Mike Hettinger, Independent for Kurrajong

Use your voice to oppose big parties and big party policies.

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