Gilbert Reilly

Candidate for Ginninderra

Gil Reilly has had an extensive and varied career having worked as branch manager of the Canberra Permanent Building Society, for the Canberra Times and the Chronicle and for the public service newspaper, Public Eye. For an extended period he also worked in the Canberra real estate industry for LJ Hooker.

Gil has become increasingly incensed by the policies and approaches of the present government. He strongly objects to the ‘smashing up’ of Canberra’s heritage and the problems and lack of focus on some crucial areas of concern such as hospitals, education and dental health.

He believes the present government is simply not listening to the community, and strongly objects to the dismissal of their views, particularly those of older ratepayers in the community. He is a strong supporter of the arts and is concerned by the lack of attention given to its importance.

Gil has lived in Giralang for eight years and is understandably enraged by the scandalous dystopian disaster that has been created in the suburban centre. Promises from government for community facilities, sporting fields and a viable shopping centre have been appallingly handledfor years and have come to nothing.

Gil is extremely concerned by many of the actions and decisions of the present government; placing a foreign casino in Civic before local community clubs; huge rates rises largely resulting from costly and unsubstantiated vanity projects; the absence of effective evidence-based decision making and the lack of an effective anti-corruption body and an effective freedom of information regime to properly monitor government processes.

Gil has a passion for Canberra and is contesting the election as an Independent for Ginninderra, he supports the voter-sensitive policies of Canberra Community Voters.

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