Beth Gooch

Independent Candidate for Ginninderra

Beth Gooch was born into a farming family near Tamworth in New South Wales. Her father is a farmer and her mother a teacher. She initially attended a small school in the bush. Beth was an outstanding student and became the school captain of her Tamworth High school. At the end of year 12 she was awarded a prestigious Federal Government scholarship and came to Canberra to work in the areas of Broadband and the Digital Economy.

From 2011 until 2015 she undertook studies for her Bachelor of Communication in Media and Public Affairs at the University of Canberra, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. Beth ultimately graduated and was given the Dean’s Award for her studies.

During the course of these studies she completed a semester abroad studying Media, Public Relations and Advertising from the University of Central Florida in the United States. Beth has also successful completed a Certificate IV in Government from the Canberra Institute of Technology

Beth has been a marketer since the completion of high school and her marketing career has been very diverse. She has worked in the Australian Public Service, for not-for- profit organisations and the private sector in conjunction with completing her academic qualifications. Beth has strong educational credentials and a proven work ethic.

Beth is exceedingly creative, outgoing and friendly. She thrives on working with people in fast paced environments which focus on consulting with and problem solving for the public. She is a self-confessed marketing and media fanatic who enjoys keeping up-to- date on the latest developments in these fields. In her free time she enjoys playing team sports, including Pennant Tennis, Touch Football, Soccer, Netball and Volleyball.

Since January 2014 Beth has been the Group Marketing Manager at the Vikings Group. In this position she is responsible for the development and implementation of policies and relationship strategies between the Group of Viking Clubs, their members and the community. She is responsible for implementing the extensive corporate social responsibility marketing initiatives and programs to positively position the clubs in their socially responsible and community marketplaces.

Beth’s strengths include:

 A proven disciplined approach to strategy development

 Comprehensive and refined skills in all facets of community consultation and communications

 A young, professional female working at the forefront of relationships between a large segment of the Canberra community and a group of organisations whose prime focus is to provide quality cost-effective benefits to that community

Beth is recognised for the breadth of her academic experience and skills, her community experience and sensitivity and her ability to deliver results. Beth has a passion for Canberra and is contesting the election as an Independent for Ginninderra, she supports the voter-sensitive policies of Canberra Community Voters.

These are:

 We want our ACT government to make fully planned evidence-based decisions.

 We want an open and transparent ACT government, able to make decisions only after proper community consultation

 We want an effective freedom of information policy.

 We want an anti- corruption and pro-integrity commission.

These policies affect the foundation of our Government. They ensure a better government. They help build a better community.

We all want a better community. We all want a better voice.

Use your voice to vote for Beth Gooch, Independent for Ginninderra

Use your voice to oppose big parties and big party policies.

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Authorised by Richard Farmer on behalf of Canberra Community Voters